About the AFFPC

The Alliance of Families Fighting Pancreatic Cancer (AFFPC) is a partnership of grass-roots foundations and families across the country unified in the quest to defeat pancreatic cancer. All organizations involved with AFFPC will maintain their autonomy while sharing resources and ideas with the Alliance. All are welcome to join our fight, including large organizations, small foundations, families or individuals.

The AFFPC funds raised by the organization will support Dr. A. James Moser and associated pancreatic surgeons.

  • The AFFPC recognizes that 70% of Americans with the earliest and potentially most curable stage of pancreatic cancer decide to receive no treatment because they are informed of the grim statistics of pancreatic cancer survival. By focusing on patient-centered research, the organization will assist patients on determining what course of treatment best meets their individual needs.
  • The AFFPC realizes that the families of those affected by pancreatic cancer are the ones who will lead the fight against pancreatic cancer. Our organization plans to connect and support organizations, foundations, families and individuals who support our mission.
  • The AFFPC does not pay for indirect costs when giving gifts to organizations that support the research of pancreatic cancer. We only support direct research project funding for pancreatic cancer.
  • The AFFPC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations to AFFPC are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law