We Believe

New treatments are desperately needed for patients with pancreatic cancer.

But families dealing with pancreatic cancer need help today, and we need to make the best of the healthcare tools that are available to patients now. Even in 2013, patients with small potentially-curable pancreatic cancers are often subjected to ineffective treatments that do not significantly improve their quality of life or chance to survive their cancers.

This message of hopelessness has made an enormous impact on the thinking of patients, families, and doctors across the USA. Steve Jobs is a good example of someone who chose to do nothing about his tumor for months rather than face the reality that conventional surgery was his only choice. He joins more than 70% of Americans with the earliest and potentially most curable stage of pancreatic cancer that decide not to seek surgery even when surgery is their best chance to survive their cancers.

We must do something to change this pattern. We are an Alliance of Families that have faced pancreatic cancer, fought, and lost loved ones to this awful disease, and joined together to fight on another day.

Please join our family.