Mellie’s Mission

“Fighting the battle to overcome the odds of Pancreatic Cancer”

Mellie’s Mission was founded in honor of Melzina Kennison Wilson, or “Mellie” as she was known to her family, who passed away October 1, 2006. She was a patient of Dr. A James Moser beginning in August of 2005. He performed the Whipple procedure, which prolonged her life by one year, giving her precious, quality time with her family. Mellie’s family credits God’s hand working through Dr. Moser for the extra time the had to spend with her. It was Mellie’s wish that her family do what we could to support Dr. Moser and his team in their research.

In addition to having pancreatic cancer herself, Mellie’s brother also died of pancreatic cancer several years before. There have also been five additional cases of pancreatic cancer in rural Smithfield, Pennsylvania, a town of less than 1000 people. Our desire for Dr. Moser and his team is to do whatever we can monetarily to help him continue his research to hopefully get an early detection method in place and eventually maybe even a cure someday to this dreaded disease.

Mellie’s family started Mellie’s Mission in 2007, with all proceeds going to Dr. Moser’s research. Their desire is to support Dr. Moser in the quest for better early detection and, someday, a cure for the dreaded disease of pancreatic cancer. They had a successful “Calendar Party” in July 2012 and hold their “Optimistic Evening” dinner/dance in November annually.


Mellie’s Mission
177 Barton Hollow Road
Smithfield, PA 15478
Phone: 724-317-6268
Contact: Debra Barnes