Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To transform pancreatic cancer treatment through frontline research to improve outcomes for all patients.

Our Mission

The Alliance of Families Fighting Pancreatic Cancer (AFFPC) will take a united and pivotal role in changing pancreatic cancer treatment by empowering patients with personalized options for better survival and quality of life.

Our actions as an alliance of families, patients, individuals, medical researchers, healthcare institutions and organizations will help achieve this revolutionary change.

Our Goals

  • Focus on patient-centered treatment planning and quality of care for all stages of pancreatic cancer
  • Encourage the end to “one-size-fits-all” decisions about pancreatic cancer treatment
  • Promote involving patients in meaningful decision-making by ensuring they have all the information and tools needed to understand their best choices
  • Support the creation of the first-ever clinical biomarker to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer
  • Work to improve attitudes about pancreatic cancer and treatment possibilities among primary care providers, specialists and other healthcare professionals which enables patients and families to take constructive action
  • help and support innovative research that can change expectations, approaches and outcomes for pancreatic cancer

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We Believe

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